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As prospective students are led across campus by student tour guides, it becomes a challenge for the tour guides to know what is currently happening in a variety of areas, including the IDEA Hub. One way to improve this is to have an updated audio tour ready for tour guides and others. The IDEA Hub tackled this challenge. With an Amazon Alexa business account, we were able to create our own skills and determine what other skills are available for that account.

An Echo Dot was placed in the ceiling outside of the IDEA Hub. A tour guide (or anyone else) can ask the following, "Computer (replacing the default Alexa wake word), run guide" Alexa will ask what you would like to know. The IDEA Hub tour is one of the options that provides updated information on the lab. In addition, students can use the Alexa map skills to find other locations on campus.

This test was done to help determine whether the use of this technology would be helpful at other locations on campus.

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