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Kingfisher Institute

The Kingfisher Institute was established to promote the complementary reinforcement of liberal arts with professional education. It was inspired by the poem “As Kingfishers Catch Fire” by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Father Hendrickson used this poem in his inaugural presidential address.


The IDEA Hub was asked to create a poster for the Kingfisher Institute. Chad created the one pictured below and was selected for display in the glass-walled Kingfisher room.

Library Atrium Mosaics

A 24-hour atrium in the Reinert building across from the main entrance into the library is heavily used by students for study, collaboration, and having a snack. It was in great need of an update. The old carpet, whiteboard, and furniture were removed. New carpeting was installed along with better lighting and fresh paint. Since the library was getting new furniture, some of the older furniture that was no longer needed in the library, but still popular with the students, was moved into the atrium.


Things were looking much better, but the back of the atrium has a large curved wall that was totally blank and in definite need of a creative solution. Ryan Cameron suggested that large mosaic images that represent student global engagement would be a great addition. Chad took up the challenge and created three images composed of thousands of small photos representing these student activities. The result was a greatly improved look and experience for students using the area.

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