The C.A.V.E.

At about the same time the Radlab was being created and the space renovated, another room, on another floor in the Reinert Library, was also being updated. It was a conference room with no windows and a large curved wall. The Radlab envisioned another technology opportunity and from that idea sprang the C.A.V.E., Creighton Advanced Visualization Environment, supported by a grant from Proctor & Gamble.

The C.A.V.E. is equipped with three projectors whose images are stitched together and appear on the 35-foot by 8-foot curved wall. The result is larger than life images and an immersive environment where students can explore everything from 3D models of the heart to images of the solar system. The C.A.V.E. will be used for several courses including some in EMS and chemistry. In addition, it will provide a creative space for students.