STEAM Education

Enhancing STEM with the Power of the Arts.  The Radlab participates in a number of events that included K12 students. These students visit the Radlab where they have the opportunity to experience virtual and augmented reality, gaming, drone aviation and more.

High School Internships 

High school students served as student interns in the Radlab during the summers. 

Projects varied from coding to developing a cyber security escape room to building a robot. This allowed high school students to contribute to real-life projects.  

Upward Bound 

The Radlab developed and taught Upward Bound courses during the Summers of 2017, 2018, 2019. In 2019, the program expanded to three courses for Upward Bound students. 

These included two innovative IT courses and one drone aviation course.  Students in the Drone Aviation program learned the rules and regulations associated with drone piloting, received a professional grade drone, and took the FAA exam to become professional drone pilots. 

Omaha STEM Ecosystem 

Radlab staff members attended events sponsored by the Omaha STEM Ecosystem group. This group is a partnership across Omaha that promotes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning initiatives.

In addition to schools, this partnership includes a variety of businesses. The communications between businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools helps guide the future of education. The Radlab participated on a panel entitled “Key to Successes” sponsored by this group. 

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