Escape Rooms

The RadLab and Information Technology student interns were asked to develop a fun and interactive way to share information with other students and staff and faculty. The Escape Room educated its trapped victims on Phishing Emails, Password Security, and General Cybersecurity tips. 

After the success of the "Escape the Nest," the Radlab and Information Technology student interns put together a mini escape room for the 2020 Technology Test Kitchen. The outcome of this was to learn about cybersecurity principles in a fun way. During the session, groups of 4 to 6 participants had 20 minutes to try to solve the case.

This year, the Radlab and IT Communications are creating a virtual escape room aimed primarily at students. Radlab interns are learning some new skills in how to create such an experience. The escape room will be ready in October during Cybersecurity Month. The virtual escape room includes 360 degree photos taken at locations on campus, the use of Captivate 360 slides with a variety of hotspots that participants must find, and a 3D animated, talking guide.