The Radlab has explored the possible development of a hologram. A hologram is a 3D projection of an object resulting from the interference of light beams from coherent light sources such as a laser. After further research and attempts in trying to figure out how to create a hologram, the Radlab explored another option.

Further Radlab research found that such a 3D display was available with a device from RealFiction called Dreamoc. After purchasing the device and stand, the Radlab started creating 3D images to be used with it

The first use was a 3D video of the DJI Mavic Pro demonstrating how it folds and unfolds and included background images and sounds. This was displayed at the 2018 Drone Expo at the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum.

After the Expo a Radlab intern was taught how to make images that could be used in it. The Dreamoc was displayed in one of the windows of the Radlab to highlight what could be done.