Photospheres are 360° images or videos that are created using cameras specific for 360° capture. The images/videos are captured from all angles including top and bottom. The captured images/videos may be used with YouTube to create images/videos where the user can explore it through 360°. In addition, the images may be used with Unity to create expanded experiences such as in virtual reality.

Supporting Health Sciences

The Radlab used 360° cameras to capture images within hospitals and clinics to allow nursing students to experience the environment in which they will be working. With Radlab interns working in Unity, expanded environments were created where these students could not only view one area within the clinical environment, but move to other areas including exam and hospital rooms. It also allowed the creation of rooms where students could explore what was located in the room including cabinets. In addition, activities could be created where students must determine what might be outof-place/wrong with the room. This has been used extensively by Creighton nursing faculty to assist students in preparing for their clinical experiences and is likely to expand. Photospheres for dentistry are also being created.