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Dental Drugs App

Dental Drugs & Anesthesia

Dental Drugs App is a must to have application for dental professionals. It's a quick reference for prescribing medications. It also helps with calculating maximum anesthetic dosages or recalling common treatment protocols in practice.


- Very simple design for quick reference and anesthetics calculation.

- Access to 100 most common prescribed drugs with their relevant dose, dispensary, instructions and precautions.

- Local dental anesthetics calculator (in both pounds and kilograms for 1.8 and 2.2 ml cartridge).

- No internet required to run the app thus makes it fast and handy.

- App is made by a dentist and is optimized for dentists and dental students.

- Email medication info & instructions to your patients.

- Quick search index to medications.

This app is optimized for use in USA and Canada but still can be useful world wide


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