Print Production

Photo Mosaics

Our DEX Designer was asked if he could create a photomosaic to place in the Reinert Alumni Memorial Library student lounge. The mosaics were intended to promote the Study Abroad program to students. They  are compiliations of photos taken by Creighton University students on global learning experiences around the world.

CURAS Posters

The Creighton Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS) sponsors an annual Research & Scholarship Fair where participants showcase their research through posters. The Radlab participated in the 2019 fair, creating a poster that appears to be populated with standard printed text and photos describing different aspects of the Radlab. Upon deeper inspection, though, each photo in the poster served as a target image for augmented reality.

Our DEX Designer was asked if he would design a poster for the new Kingfisher room in the Reinert Alumni Memorial Library.

Kingfisher Poster

When a device (phone or tablet) containing the associated content was aimed at any of the photos, a video appeared on the device, further explaining each photo/content area. The intent of this was to not only promote Radlab information, but also to demonstrate how ordinary posters can be “brought to life.” As a result of this display, a student requested assistance from the Radlab, with a physics poster.