Virtual Worlds

The Radlab explored several virtual reality platforms that could be used for creating virtual reality experiences for students. Sansar, owned by Wookey Project Corp, is a 3D social virtual reality platform that has existing content, but also the capability to add our own immersive experience within our own virtual reality scenes.

Creighton News Center

Entertainment venues include comedy, music, and book clubs, an auditorium for presentations, museums, historical locations, and educational events. This could have great impact, especially for online courses, but also for onsite courses where students in a course can gather, participate in real time classes and discuss content. 

Virtual Museum

The Radlab has also been working to create a virtual repository for a series of fables collected by the Rev. Gregory Carlson, SJ, associate professor of English and Theology at Creighton. The Radlab has created a virtual castle, which serves as a museum for a selection of the more than 8,000 fables and 4,000 artifacts in Fr. Carlson’s collection. Users can explore the collection digitally using their avatar.

Many of the 3D Models were created using Photogrammetry.  The virtual museum was created in Sansar mostly from scratch by the Radlab's Digital Experience Designer, Chad Brocker.

Virtual Classoom

Chad Brocker, digital experience designer in the Radlab, also used the program to create a virtual Creighton “classroom” that can be modified by faculty members. The virtual room includes a screen in which faculty can present course videos, and students can interact with each other and with their professors through their digital avatars. Such an environment offers many opportunities to enrich the online learning experience



Photogrammetry Example